Add Review Page Update

We've been working on the add review process for months. Here is the status and the plan going forward.

New Process Tour

Add Review Step One

Super Simple Process

1. Start Rating

We know getting a customer to submit a review is tough. We're trying to make it easier.

The new process will make adding a new review 3 easy mobile touch friendly steps.

First, select the star rating.

Super Simple Process

2. Review Text

The minimum length requirement is gone.

They can enter as much or as little as they want.

However, reviews that are too short will not get the exposure that longer reviews get.

While the requirement is going away, we are going to try to prompt users to provide helpful information. You should too.

Add Review Step Two
Verification Step 3
Facebook Login Verification

Super Simple Process

3. Verification & Confirmation

While the multi-step email confirmation is improved and available, we are excited to start to offer Facebook Login as a confirmation option.

Facebook login will allow a quick two click instant process.

Plus using Facebook authentication allows us to gather additional information about the reviewer to better monitor for fake reviews.

Super Simple Process

Optional More Information

Now all the other information about a move will be optional after their review is visible.

Route, price, contacts, and more are quick additional information reviewers will be encouraged to add in order to get their review more exposure on Transport Reviews.

What's Next?

Supporters we are looking for your feedback on future features.


When will the new system be live?

The new add review system will be available to supporters early January 2022.

It will then be available to all companies in February.

Will the link to our add review page change?

Supporters will be able to use a new link for the new system. The old link will go to the old system until the February launch.

At some point in February current add review links will redirect to the new system and continue to work.

We use the pre-filled survey form, will it continue to work?

The option to pre-fill parts of the review will continue to work with the new add review system.

You can see documentation on how to pre-fill the survey form at:

Many pre-filled fields will be optional in the new system. Customers will have the option to edit the fields as part of submitting a review.